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The Dunga Derby is the major fundraising event for the Rally for a Cause charity and all money raised through your team events, team sponsors and team donations must be paid to Rally for a Cause where it will be receipted and credited to your team entry.

To be eligible to participate in the Dunga Derby event minimum fundraising of $3,000 for a team of 3 (or less) and $3,500 for a team of 4 must be reached.

Fundraising is where you can organise an event, an activity or a prize and ask people to support Rally for a Cause by participating.  

For some great ideas on fundraising activities check out our FUNDRAISING-101 GUIDE 

While fundraising for the Dunga Derby you are acting as a representative of Rally for a Cause and we must be made aware of all fundraising activities.

Every fundraising activity or event by your team must be approved by Rally for a Cause.
Please complete and submit the Fundraising Activity Notification Form on the link below:


On approval of your activity you will receive an “Authority to Fundraise” that will state that you are authorised to raise funds on behalf of Rally for A Cause. You must display the authority during your fundraising activity and show it to anyone who asks for proof that you are fundraising on behalf of Rally for a Cause.

It’s important that we are part of your planning to ensure that your event will be conducted safely and that the names of the Dunga Derby and Rally for a Cause are presented appropriately. We’re also happy to help you out with information and to advertise your event on our website and Facebook page. 

If you plan to conduct a raffle to raise funds, it is important you comply with the legislative requirements including permits and record keeping. A raffle information pack outlining the QLD guidelines is available by emailing

When teams are connecting with their sponsors and donors, they are responsible for nurturing and holding that relationship, this can be in the form of visits with the cars, giving the Certificates of Appreciation at the commencement of the relationship, wearing the sponsors or donors on their apparel, on their cars, thanking and being appreciative via Social Media like Facebook and Instagram. 

The relationship is the key to success in fundraising for local families and the longevity of the relationship with the Sponsors and Donors for years to come. 

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